Norval Foundation Architecture for Art book launches!

Norval Foundation Architecture for Art book launches!

We are thrilled to announce that dhk’s Norval Foundation Architecture for Art book has launched and is available for purchase exclusively from the Norval Foundation gift shop. The book details the concept, construction and curation of the project and includes a special foreword and introduction from dhk’s executive chairman Derick Henstra.

“Cultural buildings are an incredibly important facet of architecture. They allow us the opportunity to create spaces to engage with the arts, convey messages, and set the stage for creative people to tell their stories.

These cultural spaces are dear to our hearts, we identify with art very closely. Architects are the conductors of space, we need to be able to shape these spaces for art effectively in terms of light, space and form. These buildings are a rare moment to showcase intricate conceptual architecture; free from commercial strongholds and the reality of residential occupancy. It is a free, dynamic celebration of art and architecture. A project like this consumes us for years, and it is important to record the experience.

This book is not just about the finished product, it is about the journey of design, the sculpting of space and form and the action of construction.

It is like a work of art that captures a bit of history, telling the lovely story of how this building was conceived and built. After all, architecture is not only about design, it is also about how buildings are put together; and as people are fascinated by the construction process, we feel it is important to showcase that process, to understand how the building came to be.

People often wonder and ask the questions; so here we are telling the story” – dhk executive chairman Derick Henstra.

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