dhk wins two Fulton Award trophies, South Africa’s most prestigious concrete prize

dhk wins two Fulton Award trophies, South Africa’s most prestigious concrete prize

dhk has received two Fulton Award trophies. Norval Foundation is winner in the “Innovation in Concrete” category and Battery Park is a winner in the “Buildings greater than 3-storeys” category. The Fulton Awards recognises and honours excellence and innovation in the design and use of concrete.

Norval Foundation

Judge’s Citation:

“This project showcases a world-class art and cultural centre in an exceptional natural location. It is an impressive blend of concrete, glass, steel and timber, with concrete being the primary element in both the structure and the facade finishes. The primary internal and external elements are precast smooth and textured concrete panels. The quality and consistency of these panels is exceptional. The innovation relates to the development of the panels, using a rigorous process of testing and sampling to achieve the desired finish, as well as to the sensitive and successful blend of in-situ and precast concrete. The overall impression is a stunningly beautiful building, with excellent use and quality of concrete. This is, therefore, a deserved winner of the Fulton Award in the “Innovation in Concrete” category”.

Location: Steenberg (Western Cape)

Client: Village Trust

Principal Agent: dhk Architects

Main Contractor: WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd

Specialist Sub-Contractors: WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd

Suppliers: AfriSam SA (Pty) Ltd

Battery Park

Judge’s Citation:

Battery Park, at the entrance way to the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town incorporates a park and piazza, a concealed multi-level parking facility, as well as new pedestrian routes. The site is also archaeologically important, as it contains the remnants of one of the city’s oldest structures, the Amsterdam Battery. The inventive use of different concrete elements is notable, including the interpretation pavilion that features a total of 123 precast panels, concrete treads, seats and park benches, and the skate park which was constructed by hand-packing 90 m3 of concrete. The concrete elements are all of very high quality. This project displays the amazing versatility of concrete and shows off exceptionally detailed and finished concrete elements. This is, therefore, a deserved winner of the Fulton Award in the “Buildings greater than 3-storeys” category”.

Location: Cape Town (Western Cape)

Client: V & A Waterfront Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Principal Agent: Igual Project Managers

Main Contractor: Group Five Ltd

Specialist Sub-Contractors: Concrete Units (Pty) Ltd; California Skateparks, KTW

Suppliers: Megamix; Chryso SA (Pty) Ltd; Ciolli Readymix (Pty) Ltd

Nominations included any project/initiative that was completed in 2018. Judging took place on-site in early February and March 2019. A panel of seasoned industry experts was selected to travel the country to evaluate each entered project worthy of an award. The Adjudication comprised: Prof. Mark Alexander, President of the Concrete Society; Mr Stephen Humphries, Director, Nyeleti Consulting, and Mr Daniel van der Merwe, Consultant Architect, PPC.

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