Go For Gold

In 2016 we began a partnership with this award winning education-to-employment programme that tackles youth unemployment, education and skills development in underprivileged communities with its innovative four phase model. dhk is the first architecture company to partner with Go for Gold, expanding their offering in the Built Environment by creating new opportunities for students from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue a career in architecture.

The programme provides enhanced learning during Grade 11 and 12, followed by a year internship at a partner company, leading to full bursary-supported tertiary education and on to permanent employment. Every year we support the cost of putting two learners through the enhanced learning programme, and employ two interns who will (if they choose to) go on to study architecture with a full bursary from dhk and return to work at dhk on completion of their studies.

Support Go for Gold

You can support Go for Gold with your MySchool card – simply add as a beneficiary online and support while you shop.

For more information on the Go for Gold education-to-employment programme and to find out how you can support this initiative visit www.goforgold.org.za