Portside Achieves 5 Star As-Built Rating

Portside Achieves 5 Star As-Built Rating

Cape Town’s tallest building Portside has just been awarded a 5 Star Green Star SA As-Built rating, confirming its position as the most sustainable tall building in South Africa. The project had already achieved a 5 Star GSSA Design rating, and this new certification confirms that all criteria were achieved on completion of the building.

Portside was designed as a benchmark of integrated sustainability and its recognition by the Green Building Council of South Africa, which administers the Green Star SA system, is a testament to the joint clients FirstRand Bank and Old Mutual’s commitment to sustainable development.

Portside focused on the environmental initiatives associated with GSSA projects, including energy reduction through an efficient air conditioning system; the capturing, storage and reuse of rainwater, as well as grey water for use in toilets, thus reducing potable water use; the use of low embodied energy materials such as recycled reinforcing steel and cement replacement with industrial waste products; and the maximisation of natural light through the provision of a high quality double glazed façade.

One of the distinguishing features and innovations in Portside is the application of LED light fittings throughout the entire building. This significantly lowers the energy consumption and is a first for any office building in South Africa. Energy use for all areas is minimised through the provision of movement sensors.

In addition, the façade has been designed for total disassembly with each component of the unitized facade panels having been marked in accordance with a disassembly plan, which identifies the sequence of removing each panel for later reuse on another building or recycling. This is also understood to be a first for a tall building in South Africa.

Within the parking podium and basement, included in the parking provision are parking spaces dedicated solely for the use of hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles, with electric car charging points, as well as motorbike parking bays.

Secure bicycle parking for building staff and visitors has been provided, with a clearly marked cycle route as well as shower and change facilities equipped with bicycle battery charge facilities. A number of community bicycle racks have also been provided on the pavement at street level aimed at encouraging alternative means of transport for business people, personal use, tourist and couriers in the CBD, in support of the City’s non-motorised transport strategy and Ride Your City initiative.