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Capitec Bank HQ

Capitec Bank, one of the largest and most progressive banks in Africa, has unveiled its innovative new headquarters, iKhaya, meaning ‘home’ in Xhosa. Designed by dhk, the three-storey curvilinear building is defined by its dynamic interior architecture, which embodies the company’s progressive outlook and embraces the concept of agile working. Striking and otherworldly, dhk’s holistic architectural approach considers both the exterior and interior to optimise corporate expenditure, internal flow and sustainability – demonstrating that commercial offices can be innovative and cost-effective while driving operational efficiencies.

The new headquarters fosters a company culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration with a large emphasis placed on optimising internal flow and departmental interaction. The three-storey superstructure wraps around itself, which creates a unique ‘doughnut’ shape and forms a central triple volume atrium – an internal ‘social spine’ at the heart of the building. Internally,  wide open-plan floorplates loop around the periphery of the atrium – an intentional design element to inter-connect the various departments, creating opportunities for chance collaborative encounters and personal interactions.

Throughout the building’s ‘social spine’ there are a variety of breakaway areas which fuel creativity and innovation by allowing employees to enjoy a moment of solitude, conduct a private meeting or brainstorm ideas in small groups. Not only do these breakout areas increase job satisfaction, but they boost staff productivity and efficiency.

  • Client Capitec Bank HQ
  • Location Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Year 2020
  • Area 21 500 m²
  • Status Complete
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