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Newtown Junction

Mixed-use development, Newtown Junction, located in the west of Johannesburg’s CBD forms part of the city’s plan for the urban regeneration of the area which has long been established as the cultural heart of the city.

The 85 000m² development, was envisioned to be an important commercial catalyst for the area and provides a vital extension to the urban streetscape in the form of a landscaped public piazza, open space for events, and new pedestrian routes through the site. It also provides a 38 000m² shopping mall and 30 000m² of office space. Significant investment was allocated to retaining key heritage elements of the site.

The new buildings respond to the surrounding historic buildings in materiality and detailing by mimicking the existing industrial context of steel and brickwork. These materials are offset by the addition of contemporary glazing inserts in bold proportions. The new interventions are clearly contemporary, in contrast to the delicate Edwardian steelwork and detailing of the existing historical buildings.

  • Client Atterbury Property Development Company
  • Location Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Year 2015
  • Area 85 000 m²
  • Status Built
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