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Norval Foundation

Norval Foundation is a modern pavilion for art set against a dramatic mountain and vineyard landscape on the slopes of the Constantiaberg Mountain. The architecture is a pure expression of form; a bold rectangular mass, delineating its heavy-walled enclosure and light over-sailing roof.

The materials palette is raw and honest, comprising primarily precast concrete, natural timber, granite and glass, contrasting the natural landscape. The primary internal and external finish is a combination of polished concrete, smooth class one precast concrete panels and textured precast concrete panels. Externally, the precast concrete is finished with a chamfered tartan grid, which draws the eye upwards and lengthways, emphasising the scale of the building. Internally, timber paneling brings warmth to the spaces.

The building sits in an elevated position, and shields a wetland, creating a private space for the sculpture garden and forming an inhabited threshold between public and private zones. A triple- volume atrium establishes a deliberate visual connection between these zones; one urban, the other natural, and provides a physical transition between these contrasting environments.

  • Client Village Trust
  • Location Cape Town, South Africa
  • Year 2018
  • Status Built
  • Awards Gold A' Design Award, Fulton Award, SAPOA Award for Innovative Excellence
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